Posted by: picanini | March 26, 2009

And while I’m on a roll…

unfinishedruffleskirtHere are some ruffled skirts almost finished as well. I just need to buy some more elastic to thread through the waists, then close the casings and snip threads. I started one of them for my niece’s 6th birthday – and accidently cut out 2 of the same fabric the same size (there are 2 layers in 2 different prints). So I figured another one would be handy to have in the gift cupboard – or for my darling daughter when she’s a bit bigger. They were made with the help of this tutorial by Tanya Whelan:

I’m kinda stuck in one spot ATM due to bubba boy being sick with bronchialitis. He spent a week in hospital with this last year when he was only 8 weeks old 😦 At least he is more robust now, though the high temps and horrible cough are really knocking him around. He is very miserable, and cries when awake if I’m not within arms reach. So here I am working on my blog, reading stories (bubba loves Where the Wild things are – or is that just my projection with all my kids, LOL?), and playing with little people farm animals in the barn.

I’m going to attempt to make the blog look nicer now – wish me luck!


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