Posted by: picanini | April 5, 2009

So it really DOES work!

It seems that this blog is working it’s magic. I remember reading a while ago, a long time WAHM saying (I think it may have been Lesley from Cherub’s Kiss  – forgive me if I’ve wrongly attributed this to you Lesley) that blogging helped her keep motivated with her work. I really think it’s true (or at least for me, anyway so far). I’ve finished a couple of projects that I’ve been procrastinating about, and I’ve completed quite a few pads. I’ll be putting the daisy chain ones I finished burying the threads for last night up later today or tonight (they’re the ones in the last post) – just gotta snap and photograph them.
And I commenced another project that I’ve been procrasting about for probably 18 months now, LOL. More about that later. I’ve just finished mopping the floor, and my mum is due soon to look after the kids so DH and I can go out to lunch for my birthday (it was on Friday).


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