Posted by: picanini | April 7, 2009

Things that my babies love

teddycuddle1My littlest fella just LOVES it when I sing to him – particularly when I add his name into the song. His face just lights up! We go to Mainly Music every Monday, and the 2 littluns enjoy it so much. They miss it during the holidays.

Another thing all the littlies love is their teddies – even my almost 7 yr old DS. Here is a pic of bubba with his teddy. If you took pics of the older 2 (3 and 6 years) when they’re asleep, you would find pretty much exactly the same pose – excluding the dummy 😛

 I know you can’t see much of him. If you could, I wouldn’t post it, LOL.

I’m still debating how much of my kids to show online. I’d love to share all about them, but I do worry about some of the sickos around and what they might do with images of my kids. Should I live life in fear of those few, or share all about my beautiful babes and proudly post pics?

What do you do?

And while this scrumptious little babe was peacefully asleep, I did some sewing!matroshkadye


I dyed this bamboo velour a while back, but it’s been sitting around waiting for me to get motivated to get sewing. So thanks again to my blog for giving me a big kick up the backside! Obviously I’m a show off at heart, ROFL.

Now I’d better go and peel potatoes for Shepherd pie tonight. Want them ready to go when I get home from taking DS (6) to swimming lessons.



  1. I have a similar photo somewhere of my DD snuggled up to ‘White Bear’. Heaven help anyone who tried to move White Bear from under her while she slept! LOL!

    Aren’t they gorgeous like that???? Awwwww….

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