Posted by: picanini | April 10, 2009

My own breadlove

A place I love to frequent is
I actually try not to blogsurf too often, cause otherwise I can spend the whole day ooohing and ahhing at things in blogland and never get anything done. I’m sure I’m not the only one, LOL.
I’ve been doing a bit of blogsurfing thismorning though for various reasons. First, cause it’s Easter – and I deserve a bit of R&R.

2ndly cause I am soooo tired, I really can’t think about doing much else except mooching. Remember a while back I talked about the sick baby? Well, he’s almost better now but by gosh he’s gotten some bad sleeping habits going while he’s been sick. I’ve felt a bit like a zombie for the past few weeks. So we (DH and I) decided that enough was enough – he was going to have to learn to settle again without mammas boobies. So daddy got up and shusshed, rocked, patted, and stroked him, and replaced his dummy many times last night, but he was not a very happy camper. I don’t know where he gets his stubborn streak from – must be entirely dad of course!

3rdly I need a pencil roll tutorial (to make one for my nephew). I could have sworn I’ve seen one on sew, mamma, sew- but I didn’t find one. Of course I COULD have made one up myself, but there’s the trial and error – and no excuse for blogsurfing 🙂 And so from the original blog I visited, I made a few hop, skips and jumps and I arrived at Soulemama!

I saw Amanda’s (Soulemama) post on bread – and decided to share my own baking with you.nanabread1

How’s that for a roundabout post for you?! I bake this gluten and dairy free banana bread pretty regularly – about every few days. This particular loaf is a little overbeaten I think – I had a couple of “helpers” 🙂 I use a recipe from this book (We love this book as much as the person raving on this link does!) DD loves this bread, I love it and the bub loves it too. I make the flour up from several different types of flours (usually tapioca, buckwheat, potato, rice, corn), so that it doesn’t have too many other things I can’t identify in it. Though occasionally I do use the ogran readymade flours if I’ve run out of my own and I’m pressed for time. I use my trusty kenwood mixer, which makes it so easy.


kenwood21I make quite a few things from scratch due to the food issues in this house, though “normal (gluten/dairy/soy free) bread” isn’t one of them. I just need a dough hook for my kenwood mixer – my breadmaker’s kneading function is kaput, and I think gluten free bread probably needs more kneading than ordinary bread anyway. A friend of mine keeps offering to give me one she’s got and I keep forgetting to get it! This  would probably save me having to do the half hour drive to our local natural food store to buy the bread DD likes (though often DH is going past for work, so he can pick some up).

Much like blogsurfing, going to this shop ends up a whole journey in and of itself, with many other things you didn’t plan on getting ending up in your trolley.

And finally I’m going to leave you with this link below – to another Soulemama post. I read it a couple of days after it was written. The day after I was having one of those days she was talking about and I was feeling terrible mother guilt. I can’t tell you how it made me feel to read that other people have those days too, and that they don’t just sail through life. Just the feeling of not being alone helped I think.


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