Posted by: picanini | April 12, 2009

A little bit of yoga

Obviously, bubba boy had a better couple of nights – now I’m mooching cause I’m sore! I went to a Bikram yoga class yesterday. With bikram yoga, they heat the room to 37c degrees, so it’s like doing yoga in a sauna. The idea behind it is that your muscles are already warm, and so you can achieve greater results with your asanas in a shorter period (and also you’re less likely to do some damage to warm muscles) .

I did a class somewhere else a few years back, and dismissed it – partly cause I couldn’t stand the heat, and I didn’t really enjoy the class style. I’ve tried many different types, schools and teachers over the years – I’ve been practising yoga on and off for 20 years now (I did my first class when I was 15)! I’ve resisted bikram cause it’s been “trendy” for the last couple of years, LOL.

Aaanyway, I thought I’d give it a go. I really desperately need an outlet (apart from my creative pursuits) and some good exercise, and the local centre has heaps of classes at different times and a special for newcomers (3 classes in one week for $20). Being a very long weekend, I can easily get to at least 2 classes which wouldn’t normally be possible. So off I went.

What did I think of it? HOT. I felt so hot that I thought my heart might explode a few times, so I sat down as advised before the class. At the end I was totally soaked, as was my towel beneath me. I also felt quite light headed – probaby due to the heat, and the fact that I already have low blood pressure. But mostly, I didn’t like the lack of attention to the savasana at the end (the part where you relax/meditate). And I have had a headache since the afternoon after the class – is that a co-incidence? 

So, I’ll go to the Monday morning class cau se I have the 3 class pass, (if I can walk, LOL). Perhaps I’ll be pleasantly surprised.


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