Posted by: picanini | April 13, 2009

The Easter weekend

candlesWell, I didn’t get to that class thismorning. Something to do with a late night last night, all the little people not sleeping well, and probably a couple of glasses of champagne (Sparkling wine just doesn’t have the same ring, does it!). It’s probably just as well, cause my thighs were still whimpering walking down the stairs that night LOL.

The champagne (that’s been sitting in the fridge since valentine’s day)? DH and I had a little “date” night at home. The eldest has been at his grandparents since the 3rd day of the holidays, and the littlies were all put to bed. We used to have a mezze and cheese platter regularly when there were only 2 kids in the house. It’s a nice chance to sit down and relax, eat without all the usual chaos that is meal time and talk. We haven’t done it in a couple of years – partly cause with DD I had to be SUPER careful of what I ate (even at night), but also cause life just gets so busy…you know how it is! And even if you can make time, you’re often too exhausted. Thank goodness for the chance to recharge on the long weekend! Plus, I can have a drink or 2 once in a blue moon, now that I don’t have to worry about feeding the bub overnight :).


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