Posted by: picanini | April 15, 2009

“This must be a dream”….

My DH thinks I’ve warped our children, LOL. On Saturday, I asked DD3 what she would like to do and gave her a few options – one of which included sewing, which is what she chose. When I asked her what she’d like to sew, she said she’d like to sew a pad. Well, be still my beating heart. What a little sweetie wanting to be just like her mummy 🙂 . I thought perhaps a pad might be on the too difficult level for her, and possibly starting a project made from felt with a large rounded (and not sharp!) needle would be best, as she tends to take to things with gusto. I’d seen this cute little Felt easter egg with it’s own little nest (of course I can’t find the link now!!!!), on etsy and thought something similar would be good for her. So we had a look at the picture, decided it was a good thing to sew and now we have a half sewn project sitting waiting till next time she wishes to sew again!



But then today, DD went to kindy and I asked DS6 – still on holidays, what he wanted to do. His answer was of course that he wanted to sew – and of course he wanted to sew a pad :).  I’m still not sure if it was really what he wanted to do, or he just desired the reaction that his sister recieved, but either way it’s sweet.


After having visited one of my favourite bloggers and seen her son of a similar age wizzing around on the sewing machine (and having a spare old 2nd hand machine I bought at our local opshop!) recently, I decided that perhaps we could try that. So we spent a little while learning about the sewing machine. Putting the foot up and down, sewing on straight lines drawn on a scrap piece of fabric. Then he traced an easy panty liner pattern, cut it out, pinned it and sewed it together! As he was sewing, he was saying “this must be a dream”, and telling me that he’d always wanted to have a go on my sewing machine.





The final blow for DH was him changing his mind from wanting to be a builder to him wanting to be  a sewer!




  1. Aww thats so cool. My oldest is always asking to sew or to knit but he just doesn’t get the concept of knitting & I don’t want him thinking he can touch my sewing machine when ever he likes LOL.

    Maybe I can get him making some felt mice or something. I remember doing that as a kid.

    Good on you for having the patience to let your kids touch all your stuff LOL

    • Thanks Fiona 🙂 He’s so darn pleased with himself, LOL. Now he has all these other grand plans – making his baby brother a teddy bear is next on the agenda!

  2. now thats just too cute!

  3. Wow – that’s so gorgeous.
    How special to be able to share your craft with your son 🙂

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