Posted by: picanini | April 22, 2009

He left me!

Haha – well, for 4 days anyway. DH has taken DS6 to Sydney to see this:   and spend time with his parents. This is their first father/son expedition.

I’ve been crabby and anxious today in the lead up to taking them to the airport thisafternoon. It’s weird that I’m so anxious about it – I was a single mum for 8 years and coped without a man around the house just fine. But then, there was only 1 child to care for and it didn’t include DD, LOL. I think I’m most anxious about not having a back up if anything should go awry. The weird thing is, I was kinda looking forward to batching it (apart from having to juggle DD and bub at dinner and bedtime), but when the crunch came I fell apart a bit. I actually enjoy my own company – normally I can never get enough of time for *just me*.  I think it’s also that they are so far away (1100kms? or so). It’s also the longest and furthest I’ve ever been away from DS6 too, which in and of itself is a big deal.

I think the last time DH and I were apart was before DD . We were going through a very rough patch in our relationship, and my parents were in Tassie for a week. They had a lawn laid just before they left and were a little concerned about it, so I moved in there for I think 3-5 days, but it was only a half hour drive from DH (and I took DS to our house for dinner at least once so he saw his daddy still). Funnily enough, the physical seperation, and time to think was just what we needed to get our relationship back on track. DD was conceieved not long after I got back 🙂

BUT!!!!!!  I do have a plan – I think I need one. Lots of things to tackle to keep me busy. Let me list them, and see how many I get done (I’m hoping there will still be SOME time for contemplation though).

1. A bunch of pads I cut out that need to be sewn up (though I do have to cut some extra cores and PUL).




cutout412. Finish knitting this:


A facewasher knit in moss stitch with a divinely soft cleckheaton bamboo yarn.

3. I’d also like to start a pair of longies for bubba to wear out.

4. Start knitting a pair of socks (though having trouble deciding on which pair) for mother’s day for my mum.


Oh, and hopefully alot of this will be done with a big pile of chickflicks I picked up yesterday. With no DH around to roll his eyes/ask to watch football/request something less girly. Yipeeeee!



  1. love the look of those pads. I really need to increase my cloth pad collection… Not that I have AF to worry about yet but I think I have enough cloth nappies. I need a new addiction.

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