Posted by: picanini | April 23, 2009

My DH is wonderful

I’ve known it for a while now. But his being away has been a reminder of just how helpful he is – with the kids, jobs around the house…all of it really. Even his nagging me before he goes to bed, to come to bed before it gets too late. It was too late last night. Especially when the bub does his little early morning reminder call for a feed at 5:15.

I miss him terribly –  not just his help (though I am missing that too, LOL). Especially going to bed and waking up, in the quiet time.  I know, it’s sad – he’s only been gone for a day and is a trifle as far as seperations go. But a big part of me is missing, and I want it back…



  1. sounds like me & my DH. He has gone to bed & I am sittin ghere thinking I will go to bed before its late late. But I bet ya its past 11 when I finally go

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