Posted by: picanini | April 26, 2009

We’re almost there!

Thankfully, the 4 nights are over. We pick up DH and DS in 5 hours (but who’s counting, LOL!).

We had a great day on Saturday. We’ve finally found our rhythm with DH being gone and developed some different ways of doing things while he’s gone. We went and caught up with  my family for a few hours (who live about half an hour away), and then went to the park. When we got home we went for a bike ride and stopped at a different park on our waay home – which reminds me, I must show you my bike arrangement when DH gets back with the camera.

Night time was a different story – DD started vomiting at 1am. This isn’t THAT unusual. With her food allergies and desire to try new things and also to test boundaries and ignore her mother’s advice regarding food, it’s not uncommon to have this happen. This difference last night was, when the shreiks come from her room, there is normally another person in our room to soothe the bub if he should be woken. Between changing sheets several times and cleaning down a soiled child, there was quite a bit of crying from both bubba and DD. With 6 vomits between 1 and 6am, I spent quite a bit of time up between the 2 littlies settling each of them cause of course, the longer you leave them, the more distraught they get. So I’m feeling pretty wrecked.

But I PROMISE I shall be more upbeat next week :). And I have absolutely NO IDEA what I was thinking setting myself all these goals of things to get done – I’ve been flat out! And I only managed to get 3 chickflicks watched.

And if there are any quilting experts out there I’ve got a question for you. I’ve got this quilt that my nan made and was given to me – not quite sure how I ended up with it….I don’t think anyone else wanted it. Appreciating the fact that it was handmade, I couldn’t give it away. I’ve used it as a playmat – for quite a while I thought it was too ugly for anything. One side is VERY lary with lots of fabric scraps sewn together with little care for colour. The other side would now be considered almost a vintage 70’s print I would think – nans-quilt

I’d like to repair it, but I’m thinking it’s frayed so badly that I may need to add another panel/border in between the exsisting  inner border and the body of the quilt. And of course, if I do that then I have to unpick the entire length of the quilt on both sides so that they match – don’t I! And then there’s the fact that the other truly awful side is coming apart as well, so perhaps I should just remake the whole quilt putting a new “other” side, and include new batting etc

So before I do that, I’m just wondering if anyone has  a cheat hint for me if I decided to repair, and opinions on what I should do about this quilt? Is it sacrilidge to pull apart an ugly quilt you were indirectly given? It’s gone beyond ignoring the fraying. If I leave it much longer, it won’t be any good 😦



  1. I think I would try adding panels to it. I think its lovely that you don’t want to get rid of it. I think by adding to it to repair it you will still maintain its history if that doesn’t sound to sucky LOL.If you remake it then you might as well just fold it up & put it at the bottom of the linen closest.
    I like the print that is showing in the photo.
    Could you use a lavender colour & make a new boarder so you still have the original boarder showing, then your repair boarder then the print. KWIM? I don’t think I would be to concerned about un picking so both sides match…
    I am no quilter tho….

  2. I am also not a quilter 🙂 I would be inclined to add patches on top of the parts that are coming apart, if they are fraying – like an applique. Can you find suitable coloured fabrics? If you haven’t got any other fabric of the same genre (so to speak) then a plain (?light blue) might do the trick – or burnt orange??????? The new patches and the quilting you do over the top may become something of a feature on the quilt over time.

    If it were mine, I would definitely NOT unpick 🙂

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