Posted by: picanini | April 28, 2009

It is, unfortunately….

Another sad sack post today 😦 Don’t say my darling daughter never gives me anything. I haven’t been as sick as her,  but I feel pretty mighty rotten!

I’m really hoping I’ll be feeling alot better tommorrow, as I’m supposed to be visiting my friend Michelle on Friday, who lives in Brissie (about an hour away). We’ve been trying to catch up since her bub was born – 9 months ago! Between us both being  WAHM’s and each having our own family commitments, throw in some sick kids and adults and we’ve reached 9 months….So I really don’t want to be sick past Wednesday cause I can’t in good conscience be going and risk passing this lovely “thing” onto her.

And then there’s the stiches and craft show in Brissie that is only on this weekend too, that I was hoping to get to. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me that I’m better tommorrow!

I do have some photos for you though – taken last night when I was feeling ok. I cut out some flongies for bubba – using an old pair of pants of DD’s. I used these same pants as a a pattern to make flongies for her too when she was a size 0. They have been sitting in a pile of mending, waiting for new elastic (yes, they’ve been waiting a long time). And it’ s very handy the elastic is shot, as it makes them easy to trace around. Her flongies are STILL being worn despite being too short in the leg. I love them cause being fleece, they really don’t seem to stain – which is really saying something when you’re talking about my DD.


If you don’t know what flongies are, I shall tell you 🙂 They are pants made from polar fleece that go over a fitted cloth nappy, and act kind of like a nappy cover. Fleece is hydrophobic (pushes water away), so they keep dry. Also, things just seem to roll straight off them – like spilt breakfaast, mushy banana. They are THE BEST!

I’ve also dragged out a couple of bags that I made ages ago that need finishing touches – just little teeny tiny ones. For putting your menstrual cup in or whatever else takes your fancy. I’ve overlocked them, and had planned to hem the top, but then decided I liked the rather rustic look of the exposed overlocking. They are made from a hemp limited edition fabric screeen printed in Aus – Pippijoe. I’ve decided to put some mother of pearl thrifted buttons on them, and need to crotchet (or something) a little loop to slip over the button.


And I shall finish with this little gem from DS6. He’s spelt something out in duplo – can you see what it is?



For the hunt



  1. aww his lego pic would make a great Mothers day card.

    Its says mum right…..

  2. LOL, Yep 🙂 He’s very cute that way….

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