Posted by: picanini | May 6, 2009

The haul!

Weeeell, with 4 kids I rarely get out to buy fabric IRL.  I do of course, buy stuff online. But there’s nothing quite like buying stuff that you can see and touch and actually see the proper colour. I went kinda crazy. There was stuff that I had PLANNED to buy (such as hitting the Ink & Spindle, and Kristen Doran stands), but apart from that I didn’t really plan anything other than to have fun. I DID tell DH that I wasn’t going just to look, LOL. The thing is, as you know I actually SAVED money cause I didn’t have to pay for postage!

I also met some really lovely people – I stopped in at the Snaps Australia stand and said hello to Alex – it was nice to finally put a name and face together. The going was good with bub at that stage…I wish I’d have gone to the  Incubator (where the indie crafters were at) at the beginning rather than the end. Bub was getting mighty tetchy after several hours being in the pram or carrier and proper conversations were a little patchy from my end. Lots of boucing up and down, bribery (in the form of rice rusks) and  such was the order of the day. Though I think Tegan  had a love afair going on with my ginger haired bub, so I could have said anything and she would just smile and coo at bub  🙂  I could have spent alot more time and money at their stall, but the little one would not be a willing part of it, so I had to move on.

Ink and Spindle:inkandspindle

I also met Kristen Doran and bought some more of her lovely fabrics  I have quite a bit in my stash already – along with a couple of her notepads) . Now I’ll be able to make some little drummer boy softies to go with the matroyshkas (when ever I get around to doing that!). And I met a couple of spunky fellas that had come to see her as well.  kristendoran


The fabric on the left I think is similar to the embroidery that she has for sale on her shop (I think she was actually embroidering one when I turned up!), and  the fabric on the right seems nordic inspired. I love that kind of stuff! I almost bought the cuckoo clock fabric as well – see I did show some restraint!

One of the wonderful places that I really didn’t know about, but I realised how often it has been mentioned in other blogs when I got home and was looking for it was Amite They had an amazing assortment of wonderful boyish fabrics – unfortunately, they’re not online yet (the fabric I got, not the shop). And a couple of them don’t have any selvedge printing – perhaps you might be able to help me identify them?


The little soldiers on that blue print (it’s by Indygo Juction) remind me of the little drummer boy I bought from Kristen. I don’t have plans for these other than some cute clothes for the bub. And there’s more…


The little blue buses are a Kokka print, and I’m guessing the other is a Japanese print too. The giraffes are some kind of Japanese print (it’s got made in Japan on the side), and the  ruby slippers I bought to make something special for 2 ladies. One who has a long running love of the “Wizard of Oz” movie and has a birthday coming up soon, and the other is a Ruby 🙂

Another fabulous shop was hobbysew. I got these most divine cotton linens – Bird of wind reversables. They have these gorgeous little “stories” all over them, and they are all reversable.linen





These are gorgeous IRL. My favourite little “story” is the sheep’s wool coming off it’s back and into a ball  🙂

Are you getting sick of all the pics yet? There’s still more! But I think I’ve reached my limit for this post, so you’ll have to wait.


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