Posted by: picanini | May 9, 2009

More stiches and craft show goodies

Can you believe there’s still more to show? I got some purdy FQ’s from Peppermintstitches

FQ's . I’ve actually got a heap of the Sprites of Tillbrook coming, but I just couldn’t wait! I’d also love to know what the little one with the black swirls and flower on it are called – I haven’t seen it before.

And another highlight of the day was chatting to Fiona from I’d only stumbled across her blog for the first time the night before the show (I went through most of the links on the S&CS page). She was absolutely lovely 🙂 How does she manage to get so many things done with 5 young kids? I also bought this cute little softie pattern


And she gave me some lovely postcards too. Again I showed great restraint in not buying Ninja Sam or Burrito, LOL.

And finally, I managed to get to one of the “craft bars” to make a flower pin. The choices of fabric were amazing – they were liberty cottons, and absolutely beautifully fine. I’m not entirely happy with the job I did cause it was supposed to be done in about 1/2 hr, but I did a rush job in about 15mins cause I knew the bub would not be happy to sit in the one place while I sewed a fabric flower for a half hour. So I think I’ll probably pull it apart and redo it, making sure the gathering is even etc. But here it is, and my darling daughter thinks it’s great  🙂



Phew, I think that’s it!



  1. Sounds like you had a super fun day!

  2. love the sprites of tilbrook fabric! Sounds like you had a great time and big accolades for doing a workshop with a bubba, you’re bravre than i

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