Posted by: picanini | May 19, 2009

Sewis Interupptis!

This describes the last few weeks for me. Starting projects with the best of intentions, only to never find time to work on them ! Firstly with DH being away I had all these grand plans that came to not much. Then we all came down with the stomach virus that DD had (3 males + stomach virus = a very unpleasant week with lots of moaning). Then the last couple of weeks have been crazy busy with parent teacher interviews for DS15, going shopping IRL for winter clothes for babies and kids (can I tell you how much I hate that!!!!), kindy mother’s morning tea, driving to Brissie to visit my friend Michelle and her girls (a highlight), several family and friends birthdays (with a  fair bit of sewing!)  and then there was mother’s day and being taken out and taking out my own mother…. And then you need to add all the “normal” stuff (like swimming lessons, music etc etc). I am feeling a little fragged. And then you add on other things that you don’t have time for – like a sew along! And in the time since I started this post, a whole week has gone by jam packed like the week before it!

BUT!!!!! I actually got some sewing done for the shop – those pads I showed all cut out a few weeks ago finally got their cores sewn in, threads buried and have been overlocked today. I’m hoping they’ll be listed tommorrow 🙂




  1. OOOH they look nice from what I can see…I’ll be looking for the listings 🙂
    platinum Panties

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