Posted by: picanini | May 22, 2009

My chariot

Actually, it’s not a chariot – it’s a croozer.


The chariot was another $700 odd by the time you add on the extras that you need to make it a trailer with very little benefit (apart from the recessed head rest – but a cushion is alot cheaper, LOL!).


I keep meaning to blog about how wonderful I find this contraption.  We’ve had it about 6months – I started off with just DD in it, till I felt confident enough and that the bub was strong enough to go in it (He started riding in it a couple of months ago). All the kids love it!

We live in an area that is fairly flat, a couple of blocks from DS6’s school, a 15-20 minute ride from kindy, a block from the beach, a block from the shops (with the post office, wonderful greengrocer, bakery, Dr, chemist…anything you need, really). It’s a shame that more people don’t have these things to move their kids around, cause alot do the same stuff that I do within about the same distance. To have less cars on the road around the school would be a wonderful thing – maybe more parents might be happier to let their kids ride to school instead of dropping them off.


The worst thing about this purchase, is that I don’t use it often enough. I probably use it 2 days a week on average – I could and should use it more, but due to bad organisation (that “one last thing” I need to finish before I leave that leaves me no time to ride), letting kids sleep as long as I can before waking them up for pickups and dropoffs and my own darn laziness as well…lets just say I could do better.

I do LOVE the fact that I don’t need to get the 2 little ones out to deliver DS6 to school, and that I can just unhitch the trailer to turn it into a pram and go to the shops if I need to. And, of course, it doesn’t hurt me to get of my butt and get some exercise – and teach my kids that exercise is an important part of everyday life as well.

Between the cost of gym fees, petrol and medical visits (I’m much healthier and happier when II get some exercise), I’m sure it will pay for itself.



  1. I would love using one of these if only I lived close to things. As it is the school is my closest thing & thats 10kms away!

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