Posted by: picanini | May 25, 2009

I’ve been dyeing to show you these

I can’t resist a corny line, LOL.

The desire to make wool pads is part of the reason I’ve overhauled my pad shapes. When I first started selling at a market and then online, this standard style and the petite were the only pads that I sold (though their shapes have evolved somewhat since I started). I branched out to the curvy’s cause they were a bit different to others on the market – but  it’s near impossible to turn and topstich a woollen pad so I’ve had to come back to this shape. And I’m really glad I have 🙂

I had a little bit of time this weekend to do some wool dyeing finally. I’ve been trying to get some time for a while – it’s just getting the uninterrupted time to complete it all. It needs to simmer on the stove for at least 20 minutes with frequent stirs, and you need to do all the prep with mixing dyes, cleaning up and rinsing downstairs in the laundry. Plus I wear a mask and gloves (dye particles are so tiny that it’s recommended to wear a mask to avoid inhaling), so getting those on and off if there’s some drama isn’t really something easy to do either. It’s just one of those jobs that once you’ve started, you can’t leave it really without risking ruining it – and the wool fabric is SOOOOO expensive (especially by the time I’ve lost a heap of yardarge when felting it), I’d be kicking myself if I ruined it.

On Saturday, Dh took the 3 older kids to the music shop to get DS15’s guitar fixed – and bribed the little ones with a visit to toyworld a couple of doors down. Not to buy anything, just visiting is exciting enough. This expedition happened just when bub was due to go to sleep and I so I made haste to the laundry as soon as I was sure he was settled. 

party pink wool


It’s a lovely vibrant fushia pink. I’m debating the huckleberry velour or some hand dyed stuff to top it off. I think probably the hand dyed will be best.

For those that use cloth pads, you REALLY need to try wool, you really don’t know what you’re missing – it is complete and utter luxury.  I’m kinda hoping that I stuff up at least one of these so I can keep it, LOL!


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