Posted by: picanini | June 25, 2009

The things you do when you put your feet up

I wish I could say it’s just to relax, but alas – I have a very sore foot ūüė¶ It’s driving me mental already, and it’s only been a day and a half. I had a blister on my ankle last week, which popped on Monday night. Tuesday night in bed it was a bit sore, and Wednesday morning I suspected it to be infected as it was quite red. It was getting REALLY sore and puffy¬†during the day so I made an appointment with the Dr for Thursday morning. But as I was getting ready to do school pickups I came to the conclusion it couldn’t wait till the next morning as more than half my foot was swollen and¬†I could hardly walk. The Dr said it was, as I suspected, cellulitis – I’ve had it before after a caesarean section, and it is no fun at all! So I’m trying to nurse it the best I can with 4 kids.

I’ve been doing a little guilt free blog surfing and reading (got a pile of newspapers to work though) and trying to get some knitting done as well. While surfing, I came accross this little giveaway for a couple of Oliver and S patterns …

I found a link to this blog on a forum I’ve¬† just recently joined¬†(always a bit hesitant to do that – they can be such time wasters)¬†. I think I’m going to be visiting this one a bit!

I am starting a kids clothing sewing jaunt ATM – though those little pants for bubba almost drove me spare. The pattern I drafted wasn’t wide enough at the top, so I had to cut it off and add another widened top section. I also realised that the recycled denim wouldn’t look that great with the cuff turned up (I made them longer so they’d last a while) at the bottom of the legs, so then decided to add on the vintage cot sheets on the wrong side of the denim – bringing it’s own host of problems and unpicking (Sigh!).


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