Posted by: picanini | July 30, 2009

My Creative space…

Is mostly stuff that can be done within reach of sick children and picked up and put down with ease.


My 2nd attempt at the bodice of an Oriental Lily Dress – I frogged the first go, thinking I’d stuffed it then found out later I hadn’t! Not as fancy as some of the beautiful yarns that are available and often used, but I really have to work on the yarn stash rather than buy more (I keep repeating that mantra to myself every time I see beautiful yarns online)!

A newborn fitted velour nappy being cut out. Am I being too ambitious hoping to have that done by tommorrow to give to my uncle and his partner? Maybe…

A  bib. You’ll see plenty more of them  in a post soon.

And finally some unpicking of a nappy with shot elastic. I don’t really need it, but it’s been sitting there staring at me every time I go down to do some sewing and it fits the easy to leave description perfectly.

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  1. wow so much going on. Beautiful fabric and gorgeous wool!

  2. You are busy!

    I’ve been listening to that voice re: fabric for a few years now. It feels pretty good.

  3. Lot’s to keep you busy….I hope the sickies are out of your house soon..

  4. that wool will make a lovely wee dress

  5. Im doing the oriental dress too! Look to be up to about the same spot AND I frogged mine too thinking I started it wrong but then found I hadn’t!

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