Posted by: picanini | August 6, 2009

What I’ve been up to.

Apart from having a nasty tummy bug and throwing up…


Remember that newborn nappy inner I cut out? It so totally didn’t happen (that post last week for the creative space was done verrrrry late at night) in time for finishing the next morning. But I finished it yesterday.IMG_2476








I couldn’t decide which picture better represented these IRL. The one on the left is overexposed, but the colours on the one on the right seems a bit too dark. I will definitely have to rephotograph them before I put them up at the shop. Actually, I have to do that anyway as I haven’t woven the overlocking threads and buried the core threads – or snapped them, LOL. I put them up especially for Kara as a preview anyway. Hopefully she likes them 🙂

And your opinions would be appreciated with this little project – it’s a cover to go over that NB nappy. Is it too boyish do you think? We don’t know what the gender of the bub is yet, and he or she is not due till October so there’s plenty of time to make another.



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