Posted by: picanini | September 10, 2009

My creative space…

Is a mishmash of very old and very new. Just before I did the walk to school with DS, my wonderful parcel man delivered me a package FULL of beautiful yarn. Sorry – but I just cannot resist sharing these!


I was part of a yarn co-op recently, and I kinda sorta went a little crazy. I DO NOT need more yarn. I already have 2 HUGE boxes full of it. But I could not resist…These came from Elissa of the Yarn Cafe. Her yarns are truly beautiful.

The embroidery (bottom left) has been dragged out of an old wicker basket when I was rumaging through to find some embroidery things yesterday. The rumage was sparked by the month of handsewing goodness on Sew, Mama, Sew!  This embroidery was done maybe 15 years ago – I have quite a few of things stashed away from this era of creativity that are unfinished. I know a country scene is a bit knaff nowadays, but it was done when ‘country’ was the big thing (and I lived in a country town, LOL). I was learning embroidery from ladies that were more than twice my age – in fact, a couple of the ladies were  probably 4 times my age, in a farm house surrounded by cows and a gorgeous cottage garden. And though this unfinished cushion cover doesn’t really “go” with anything in my house anymore, I’ve suddenly got a burning need to finish  and use it (after a good handwash!). And nowI’ve dragged all these things out, I have a few other ideas planned as well…


As for the pants – well they are one of those projects driving me nutty. I’ve perfected my boys pants pattern, but trying to get a pair of pants that look nice and fit a girl with a generous cloth nappied bottom is my holy grail. Hopefully the quest won’t be too much longer! 

More creative spaces over at Kirsty’s



  1. Oh the yarn is LOVELY..I want some more…You can never have enough, right?? The embroidery is perfection and those pants are cute, I hope you get them right very quick, for your sanity 🙂

  2. Naff? Are you kidding? It’s absolutely gorgeous! Love the yarn and the pants too – great creative space 🙂 K

  3. Those are beautiful yarns, and I think the embroidery is great. Who cares if country is “out”? It still shows skill!

  4. Oh that yarn…can one evr have enough?

  5. Beautiful yarns ~ no wonder you couldn’t resist. They look so lovely and soft.

  6. I have same problem with my tiny toddler. Trying to accommodate her big cloth bottom. They do look so cute though!

  7. Doesn’t the yarn look fabulous. I look forward to seeing the finished somethings.

  8. I really think that embroidery piece is utterly amazing. The work that has gone into it, the detail, it’s beautiful.

  9. Mmm, loving those stripes!

  10. mmmmmm yarn and lots of it. Perfect~

  11. a lot of prettiness here, love the pants

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