Posted by: picanini | September 17, 2009

My creative space…

Does this look like a wave to you?



This piece of blue wool is going to be an ipod cozy for my brother (his birthday is tommorrow). Trying to decide what to put on something you’re making for a man is proving very difficult, and I’m afraid my wave isn’t up to scratch. The would be wave is felt from Spotlight, the actual cover fabric is an old woollen blazer thrifted several years ago – it has already been used for a few projects. If any of you have some great ideas or resources for men’s stuff (applique or embroidery), I’d be forever greatful to you!



  1. Cute cute idea…my vote would be to expand the bottom of the wave across the length of the give it a more fluid feel..If that makes sense??? 😛

  2. it looks like awave to me! it is hard to do handmade for older boys and men I agree

  3. I’m convinced it is a wave.

    If you are good at embroidery, you could do a tracing of an iPod from some photo on the internet. Then embroider that image onto one side of the cozy. Or do an embroidery/applique based on those colourful iPod adverts with the people dancing and listening to their iPods.

  4. Crafting for men is really difficult. An ipod cozy is a great idea.

  5. Boy crafting is hard, well gifts for boysis hard i reckon but this looks like a winner! I’m with Amanda re making the shape more fluid:)

  6. You are being too hard on yourself. I knew it was a wave. Would adding a couple more waves help?

  7. Embroider the wave detail for sure… I have a painting with a wave out the window. I can send it to you for reference but there is plenty if you google… Lucky brother. I wouldn’t make my brother anything like that he would trash it lol…

    xo Steph

  8. Yup, its a wave 🙂 Great idea. I always find it so hard to make stuff for the men in my life… As a side note, I received a lovely red pad from you in the mail today!! I’m so excited to use it, its gorgeous. Thank you! x

    • Thanks for letting me know Lauren – I’m so glad you’re pleased 🙂

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