Posted by: picanini | October 8, 2009

My creative space…

Is a bit of a celebration today. This Jule top was started several months ago, and has been put down many times in annoyance. Partly due to the fact that the instructions on the pattern are in a different language (it is a Fabernix pattern), and partly due to my own stupidity in missing a cut line on the pattern. It’s also called for doing some things I’ve never done on my overlocker before (like rolled hems) – so I’ve had to dig out the demo video to see how to do it. The O/L instruction book has gone AWOL in my sewing/junk room.




Excuse the threads not being tidied. I planned to do that this morning, but spent over an hour waiting in the Dr’s with DD and the bub!


The back is the best bit – the little spiral hood is very whimsical.

And now I must get to cleaning my bomb of a sewing room – we’ve got visitors next week and my creative time (AKA baby sleep time)  will be mostly spent tidying and cleaning.



  1. Good on you for keeping at it! It’s looking great 🙂 K

    p.s. my instruction book has gone AWOL too!

  2. The spiral hood looks really interesting…I bet that was tricky.

  3. Wow. I cannot believe you managed that complicated looking pattern inother language. It looks amazing and you’re right the hood is stunning. Well done.

  4. Love the color and the hood is adorable!!! Hope you find time for all that dreadful cleaning 😛

  5. looks great. i am in love with the rolled hem function on my overlocker. i have found that i get a great resuly by replacing one of the three threads with the polyester thread

  6. Oh you can get a pattern for these?!! Link please?
    I have one that Willow & Moo made. I loooove it but its not going to fit Isla next winter 😦

    • Fiona, I bought the pattern at Crafty mamas (the link is on my sidebar). Sorry I missed your question earlier!

      • thanks 😀

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