Posted by: picanini | October 15, 2009

My creative space…

Is boring, boring, boring! I’d really much rather be sewing… 


I’m STILL tidying and cleaning up. The up side is, of course, that it is so clean and tidy it will actually be a pleasure to use this space next week and I won’t feel guilty sewing when I should be cleaning. Visitors due tommorrow and Sunday is our local reusable nappy week event – so there won’t be time for sewing then either.


DON”T FORGET REUSABLE NAPPY WEEK! Check here for events local to you.


I have hardly been on the computer this week. I have done only about 1/2 an hour of essential sewing. I do not have a single piece of fabric or UFO laying about the house – they are ALL away. OH MY!


For some divine creativety, go visit Kirsty’s



  1. It’s only dust…leave it ’til next week 😉

  2. If only one had a cleaner, so one could create more often!

  3. That must be an amazing feeling! Love the photo of your fabric. K

  4. Your fabric collection is huge! 🙂

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