Posted by: picanini | November 5, 2009

My Creative space….

It’s been very quiet around here in blogtown of late. The last couple of weeks have seen gastro do the rounds through our house, and any spare time has been spent appeasing the tax man making sure our returns are in order. And this week, the puter has decided to have a little bug all of it’s own – it’s not letting me view my pics. It’s a wee problem when you have an online shop and want to put pics up!

So there is a bit of creating going on – it’s just that I can’t show you anything. For some pretty pics of creative spaces, visit Kirsty’s



  1. Good luck – I hope you get it all sorted out soon. K

  2. Oh that horrible gastro, you poor thing. Hope things pick up soon and you get some more time and space to create, take care xo

  3. Blasted computers!

  4. Ohhh, you poor poppet! Commiserations!

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