Posted by: picanini | November 10, 2009


My wonderful man has managed to iron out whatever bugs were in our computer – and so now I can view photos. Hooray!

I’ve been meaning to share this little recipe with you all for a while – some of you may have already seen it before. It is from the lovely Lauren of Owlet  – I came accross Lauren’s blog when I started regularly doing creative spaces. I tried something pretty similar to these delicious little treats at Greenfest in Brisbane earlier this year (I was there volunteering at the Australian Nappy Network advocacy stall). I’d been wondering how to go about making them for some time, when I came across Lauren’s post.

They are called Bliss balls, and they are truly divine – and even better, they are gluten and dairy free which makes them very dangerous in this house!

150g Raw cashews
250g Dates
1/2 cup coconut
a drizzle of maple syrup

Add ingredients to your food processor in the order listed, whizzing between each addition. Roll into little balls that should be firm, not mushy. Roll in extra coconut and pop in the fridge for a bit.





  1. I didn’t even see the bliss balls because I was totally distracted by the beautiful cup and saucer!

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