Posted by: picanini | November 19, 2009

My creative space…

I’m embarrassed to say that I bought this pattern when it first came out, and it’s sat in a pile of patterns ever since. I’m determined to make it for DD as part of her christmas presents, so I need to get onto it. I have some confessions to make.

I have a hard time cutting fabric that I love.

I have lots of patterns I haven’t used.

I’m also having trouble deciding which of these beautiful fabrics to use. They are all my favourites. I plan on using the Sprites of tillbrook for either the bodice or skirt, but apart from that I’m really struggling. I think I may use some of the Pink Henna garden tucked away in my stash too. Planning the apron to be plain cream with perhaps an applique of one of the used fabrics…unless I find a vintage doiley that suits to use instead (an idea I saw elsewhere…will look for the link for you). They are all very busy, but so are the fabrics used by Sandi Henderson in the pics in the pattern.

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway below!

Pic taken with my new Nokia as the camera has decided to go for a holiday somewhere. I hope it’s ok?

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  1. I think you’re in good company with your confessions.

    The dress is beautiful. I can’t wait to see yours made up.

  2. yep, definitely in good company with your confessions. Ask me about my unused ottobre collection sometime *blush*

    i love the tilbrooks, must cut mine too LOL Why not use it for the skirt and the bodice and the pink octagons for the sleeves.

    I’m making a similar style for Lily out of the princess and pea fabric … when I get brave enough to cut it, that is!!!

  3. Beautiful fabrics…so pretty xo

  4. I have so much trouble cutting fabric too!! Lovely stash you have there…

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