Posted by: picanini | December 10, 2009

My creative space…

Is filled with what you’d expect at this time of the year – christmassy stuff! I’m working on personalised ornaments for my 3 youngest kids. The eldest had a personalised cross-stiched ornament I made for him for his first christmas (the slightly dated looking ball on the back RHS), but the poor other 3 have had to make do with a ball with their names written on them in glitter pen. This year I’ve decided to bite the bullet and make the other 3 their own. The first has been started…we’ll see in the new year how far I’ve got!

I’m also making christmas outfits so all the christmas fabric has been dragged out of the stash and some new stuff is hanging on the line.

Merry Christmas to all Creative space readers and writers. I hope you have a lovely relaxing time with family and friends, and come back with renewed vigour in the new year. To see the last of this year’s creative spaces, visit Kirsty’s



  1. Personalised ornaments are a lovely idea – I hope they keep them until they have their own kids to share them with. Have a lovely Christmas!

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