Posted by: picanini | December 21, 2009


I’m sure many of you will have a similar feelings of ambivalence toward your computers. Our laptop was being repaired a couple of weeks back – after being out of action for almost 2 weeks. I had been doing the bare minimum to keep ontop of shop orders with the old computer downstairs (which is veeeery slow), and I had some sense of relief at not being tempted by doing “stuff” on the computer, with it always being at hand. I miss the friendly online communities I’m part of, but I relish having more time to do things with my kids, more time to create, more time to sit and read newsprint…it is such a time gobbler, the computer!

I’ve been very busily creating stuff – most of which I gave away before I thought to take pics (I kept having “doh” moments each time I got home after giving them away). I’ve made several bags for teachers, caramel popcorn, biscuits and cakes for friends (with the kids help) – I’m sure there’s more.

I’ve also done some sewing for the family – Sandi Henderson’s Peasant top for DD.

 I enjoyed making it so much, I made another in Christmassy colours for my shop.

I love the Scandanavian inspired designs on this fabric – and the name of it (Joy!)


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