Posted by: picanini | January 14, 2010

Happy New Year!

Yeah, I know, I know – I’m a bit late. I can’t believe it’s been weeks since I last posted – time has sure flown by. My lovely husband to be has been home since Christmas eve (though he went back to work this week), and we’ve had a blast. His family were up from Sydney over the Christmas/New Year period as well, so we actually had a bit of time to ourselves and time to enjoy our hobbies.

I’ve been quite busy, but not in a stressy kind of way for the most part. Doing more wedding organisation, doing stuff with the kids, but also a fair bit of fun sewing. I finally got the courage to sew a whole garment from knit fabric (other than baby pants!). It may not look too exciting, but I was really pleased at how this first attempt turned out.

A little Ottobre singlet top for DD. It was a modification of the Best tshirts pattern (basically omitting the sleeves, and binding them in the same fashion as the neck). It has already been worn many times and washed numerous times too. Don’t look really closely and just humour me 🙂

I’ve also been wanting to make a Redondo skirt. I’ve had the pattern for a little while now, but I confess that after my Jule foray (my first Euro pattern), I was a little too scared to touch it. The Jule was written in a foreign language, but the redondo isn’t. I found it really straight forward and easy to do (most of it put together on the overlocker).

For some truly inspirational Redondos (and many other gorgeous things), you really must check out Sara’s blog though. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New year!



  1. Kirsten, that’s a fabulous redondo. Now that you’ve made one, there’s no stopping!

  2. wow awesome awesome awesome, love the fabrics it looks like a flower!

  3. The top looks great well done! And the redondo is gorgeous! I love the combination of fabrics you’ve used for it.

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