Posted by: picanini | January 24, 2010

Sewing something for me

After recently looking at some photographs of myself, I realised just how shabby my wardrobe is. Truth is, I haven’t bought much for myself in the last four years – I’ve been pregnant or breastfeeding for the majority of it and have just kept in baggy clothes that allow for weight fluctuations that this time of your life easily allows. But, I’ve finally weaned the bub (an essential when you’re going away for a week’s honeymoon in less than a month!)… a sad time – but thankfully I have something to look forward to, or I’d be devestated. He’s our last bub, and I’ve breastfed for about 6.5 years all up – so it’s a significant milestone as well. But I digress… With the dreadful state of my wardrobe in mind, my overconfidence in sewing knits (see the last post about DD’s tshirt) and one of the Crafty Mama’s, Carolyn, holding a 12 month sewing challenge starting with “something for mum”, I decided to do something about my clothing.

Living here on the Sunshine Coast in an un-airconditioned house, it gets rather hot for a significant time of the year. Too hot to wear shirts with sleeves. But singlet tops from the shops aren’t really a nice option either for going out – they often have only sporty slogans, or are completely plain – or they cute/saucy for a teenager or young woman, but not really appropriate for a mum of 4 in her mid 30’s. Thank goodness I can sew and am able to be creative! Voila. Pattern is Ottobre Womens’ Best tops. I confess that I made a couple of other test t’s ( in this size and a larger size) before cutting this fabric – they turned out fine, but aren’t very exciting to look at. Fabric is a gorgeously soft cotton interlock.

I’ve also been sewing some underwear for myself. Again, due to our warm muggy climate, natural fabrics are important for breathability. I like feminine underwear, but most of it is made with synthetic fibres. I looked everywhere several months ago for some, without success. Of course, now that I’ve made some, I saw some today at Myer. My home made version cost alot less than the $12.95/pair they were charging though! Fabric is a cotton/lycra blend from Spotlight, with some lingerie stretch elastic lace. The pants run on the large side – I’m not sure if I need to go down a size, or just modify the bottom of the seat. I think I will try the size down first.



  1. It seems that this challenge has been good timing for a lot of us. I love your singlet, perfect for the weather.

  2. These are great – I love the nick nicks – I must get out my pattern and make some – love the lace 🙂

  3. oooo love that top!! 🙂 n ur neckline is so neat. i used ezi sew for my knickers n they are easy to sew but somehow i had to downsize from XL which was according to my measurements against the one they have but what i really fitted into was an L! go figure…. ;p although the knickers turned out fine, i had issues with the waist band n legs coz i used picot elastic n somehow due to the stretching, the stitches broke so i must have done something wrong. will have to try again now that the machine is back. 🙂 well done, hun!

  4. Just a bit jealous of your enviable sewing abilities! Undies take the cake – way to go!

  5. Oooh the undies are so pretty!

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