Posted by: picanini | February 1, 2010

Do you remember…


I forgot to blog about this being finished. Excuse the folded washing (and whatever else) in the background!

And another FO hot off the presses, is this top for me. It’s another Ottobre singlet top.

I thought I’d add this terrible photo taken of me, by me – cause I don’t know if I’ve ever shown my face. Then here’s a better one of the actual top NOT taken by me. I LOVE this fabric, but I’m not sure that it really suits me. It’s a stenzo knit fabric, and was lovely to sew with – not to mention how beautiful and brightly coloured it is (it was called Mandalas from Crafy mamas…sold out now I think). I’ve got enough to make something else – perhaps a top for DD or using it in conjunction with some other fabric.



  1. Wow. That dress is divine and the singlet stunning!

  2. Oh wow this is gorgeous – I just love that material!!!

  3. ooooo love that top!!! gorgeous fabric….and really suits u too. which otto pattern is this?

    • Yvy, it’s the Ottobre Best Women’s t’shirts pattern from Crafty Mama’s (this is the v neck singlet variation).

  4. They look great – love them!

  5. I am absolutely stoked to have found the 12 months 12 sewing challenges because now it’ll push me to face the things I have avoided, like knit fabrics! and I now know about lot’s more creative peoples blogs like yours.
    I love the beautiful colours in the fabric but most of all I love how smooth and lovely your neck and arm bindings are on your singlet tops. I am extremely nervous about completing this months knit challenge! I have avoided knit fabrics in the past because I can’t keep control of it especially around necklines!:)

  6. Hey Kirsten – that material looks great on you! You’re a very clever girl with your sewing – you take after your Mum 🙂 🙂 And you looked gorgeous at the wedding. If you want to see my photos from the day they are on my Facebook page, under my photo albums! Heaps of love … Aunty Jeni xx

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