Posted by: picanini | February 17, 2010

My creative space…

Only 2 days to go! I wish I was cool, calm, collected and organised, but I’m not LOL. I’m up to my eyeballs in many variations of stuff that looks like this for covering tables, chairs and blocking out an ugly shed in the distance.

I have almost finished the Collette dress v2 (just gotta hem it)

This pic was taken before I did some alterations – I was between sizes and wasn’t happy with the fit in places. It’s much better now though.

V1 may not be finished in time…

We head up to the hinterland tommorrow. I’ve got to stop and pick up the roses on the way, then go to  a friends garden for more flowers and greenery. I’ve still got a couple of little projects today – a drawstring bag for my makeup for touchups, some ribbon sticks for the kids to play with and finishing something that I’ll show you when I come back. I’ve also got to alter my wedding dress – the hem needs to go up a bit.

I finished this as well.

It’s a rash shirt for me – a bride can’t have strap marks on her big day, and I don’t plan on avoiding swimming at the fabulous pool at our little party pad. It was a really quick project – using the good old Ottobre best shirts pattern again. Cause it was already traced out, all I had to do was trace and cut the fabric and quickly overlock all the seams. I love my overlocker!

And finally, the old Kenwood is getting a good workout. I’ve got to make the breads, muffins etc for my gluten and dairy free little darlings to be kept in food for the week we’re away. Plus, I decided I didn’t have enough to do (and didn’t want to part with $300), so I would make the wedding cake myself. There are already 2 dozen chocolate cupcakes in the freezer, a dozen carrot cupcakes and today will be vanilla.

See you all in a couple of weeks.

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  1. It’s beautiful! Good luck!!!

  2. All the best!

  3. What a flattering style. Good luck!

  4. Kirsten, the dress is so pretty!

  5. The dress is divine…so vintage! I love it

  6. I love it…she says, sliding her pattern further to the top of her “to do” pile! I hope that everything goes swimmingly for you! Have a lovely time.

  7. The dress looks great 🙂 Good job with the yoke – I did my first this week from a Japanese pattern.

  8. Hey gorgeous!

    Just wanted to say that everything looked PERFECT on the day, and you should be very proud of your children and the way things turned out. Mum had a bet with Steve about what type of dress you’d wear – and she was right… 😀

    (BTW – your dress was amazing. I literally gasped when I saw it – just perfect).

    We have a lot of photos, so I’m going to get mine on a disc and send them up to you if you’d like.

    But just wanted to say that it was a beautiful day, you looked amazing & have a WONDERFUL honeymoon!

    Sasch xo

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