Posted by: picanini | March 10, 2010

My creative space

The camera cable is not to be found. But here’s something I prepared earlier that I can now show you…

I spent MANY hours handstitching this lace onto my veil – these are WIP shots. Don’t worry, you will be so sick of seeing wedding photos by the time I’m done!

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  1. A handmade wedding…how gorgeous.

  2. WOW – your detail and patience is inspiring.

  3. It looks gorgeous – I love seeing the fabric spread out so beautifully like that. K

  4. Oh how very lovely and delicate.

  5. That’s so special that you are adding your own hand made touch to your wedding. It will make it all the more memorable and give you such special items to treasure.

  6. Beautiful – something that you could pass down to your children and beyond.

  7. beautiful. good luck

  8. How wonderful to spend MANY hours on something so lovely and special and for YOU. And do you ever get sick of wedding photos…??!

  9. why have i never seen your blog before … such amazing sewing goodness. i can’t wait to see the dress that goes with the veil.

  10. Beautiful veil!!! It’s will definitely be special and look just amazing!!! I made a ring pillow for my wedding and I really enjoyed spending time choosing the design and colours!

    Thank you for your comment on my blog! I am addicted to making yo-yos! When I started, mine were a bit funny:) I even bought a special tool for making them but it didn’t really work.

    I will post more buttons soon:) I am going to make them better and bigger! I had a few embroideries that I could not fit on 29mm buttons so I was hunting for a bigger ones! Hopefully next week they will be delivered and I’ll start stitching!

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