Posted by: picanini | March 30, 2010

The newest additions to our family…

It’s been a long time coming, but we have been talking about adding to our family in this way for about 4- 5 years. I think it was just that we had our hands full with 3 littlies and thought that we may not having anything left to look after anyone or anything else. But finally, here they are.

Meet Dora, Gwen, Gertie and Dorothy.

Richard has spent months building the Taj Mahal for them – months in little tiny stretches between looking after kids, working full time, karate and whatever else life throws in. And then was left hanging for 3 months cause I didn’t want anything else to look after (or for our parents to care for) till after the wedding. It has been mostly from recycled materials picked up around the place for free.

They are such good girls, they’ve already given us 10 eggs since we picked them up on Saturday.  The kids are VERY excited.



  1. That is a very impressive chook house. your hens must of been impressed too laying 10 eggs already

  2. Taj Mahal indeed! We are still working on our bigger coop but it won’t be as grand as yours. Hopefully it will be finished this weekend. Has your DH built the kids a cubby? If not, he should 😉

    Congratulations on your marriage (if I haven’t already said so)

  3. Love that chicken house.

  4. that is the hottest chook house I’ve ever seen. great job.

  5. […] attached to them), but it was just the way I felt. We’ve had those girls for about 3.5 years (here is the post about when we got them), and spent alot of time looking after them and they were only a small flock – given we […]

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