Posted by: picanini | April 7, 2010

My creative space…

Has some shorts cut and ready to sew.


Although the mornings and evenings are turning cooler here now, there is still plenty of call for bare legs up here in the Sunshine Coast. Bub Finn is really looking a bit pitiful in his size 0’s (even though they’re knit and they still fit, they just looking a bit too tight!), so his mummy has finally decided it’s time to do practical sewing rather than just what is fun. He’ll be thrilled to see the “bark, barks” (AKA Chickens) on one of the pairs. The denim I haven’t decided on the detail yet – I’ve got some gorgeous Kristen Doran owl print I’m thinking about for pockets. Next on the list is shirts as they’re all looking a bit tight and short too (not so good when you’ve got a gut LOL).

And some more dyeing. Just washing machine dyeing this time.

For a weekly dose of creativity, go say hi to Kirsty.



  1. “Bark barks” is fabulous!

  2. That fabric is great – love the ‘bark barks’ too.

  3. love the denim/chook combo

  4. Love the chicken fabric – gorgeous. Good luck with the creating of useful itmes!

  5. it looks as though you’ve had a good week. ps i love the dye colour, that shade of blue is gorgeous.
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