Posted by: picanini | April 14, 2010

A tribute

To an old fridge that worked hard and hosted many important school and kindy notes, credit card bills and silly photos…. I wonder if she was disappointed that she never got to be one of the “in” crowd and wear one of those government issued terrorism hotline magnets?

Here she is in all her glory. She has been on the way out for some time, but in serious decline for the last week. We had her for 7 good years, and she was an aged beauty when she came into our lives. When nothing was cold on Monday morning, we knew it was time.

She has been replaced with a monstrosity that easily fits in food for a family of 6 – but is much too shiny even with magnets and notes. I’m sure, given time, the new lady in the house will develop her own patina of crusty fingermarks.



  1. Aw, RIP (that’s repose in peace; not refrigerate in peace) Our fridge was shiny and new but 3 years and 3 young kids later she is well and truly crusted…so it wont take too long!

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