Posted by: picanini | April 28, 2010

My creative space…

Hasn’t lived up to last week’s promises. I did a heap of pad pinning, only to have my machine decide it was time to have a rest. So it’s gone for a little holiday and some TLC, and I have been cutting up a storm instead. The agenda today is work as much as I can on the PJ’s I’m cutting out (I’ll do what I can with the overlocker). Now that the weather is getting cooler at night and my kids are longer than last winter, these have been pushed to the top of the pile.

I’m also working on a few more Imkes.

You know what to do now!



  1. great stack of fabric you’ve got there… how frustrating that your machine insisted on some r&r

  2. Sorry to ear about your machine, hope its not to costly and is back in your hands soon! Great to hear you are makign the most of getting things ready in the meantime.

  3. What a shame the sewing is on hold. I love fabrics for the pyjamas you have there. I’ve got myself a pattern to start pyjamas but not the fabric yet so my sewing is at a stand still too. 🙂

  4. Yes, cutting always takes longer than you think it will. Love the pads below. xo m.

  5. My little man would love PJs out of that robot fabric!

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