Posted by: picanini | June 11, 2010


This is a Farbenmix pattern for ladies to complement the Antonia for kids. I thought it would be cute if Ruby and I had similar shirts, but at the moment I am the only one in desperate need of decent clothing, so there’s no matching going on. It’s still tshirt weather here regularly (though the last couple of days, there has been a chilly wind) and my last lot of sewing for me was full of sleeveless tops. The last wardrobe I bought for this season was all maternity/breastfeeding friendly…so I need to whip some stuff up.

Version 1 – Medium (size 38-40)

Fabric – body is Stenzo from Crafty mamas, the sleeves are a cotton knit I bought at my local Spotlight. This pattern  has an elastic gathered sleeve, and I probably should have made these sleeves a little more gathered.

Version 2 – Small (size 34/36)

Fabric – Seaspray from my local Spotlight (cotton with 10% spandex) for the body, sleeves are a lovely cotton spandex from Crafty mamas. Of course, I over gathered the sleeves on this one! If they were any tighter, it would be uncomfortable to wear.

I made version one, and was generally pretty unhappy with it. It was too large all over, but the thing I disliked the most was the way the shirt sat between the bustline and the sleeve. I thought it may just be due to the fact that the size I chose to make was too large (other Euro sized shirt patterns I’ve used, I usually use a size 38 – though I measure 36 in some parts).

Upon making the smaller size, I found I was still having the same issue.

I’m still debating whether or not too try the different versions of this pattern – there’s a crossover version and a long-sleeved pieced yoke version. I will have to have a good look at the patterns and see whether or not they differ much in the sleeve placement – that’s the only reason I would attempt it again.



  1. In spite of the fitting issues, they still look cute. The Stenzo that you used in the body of the first one is in my stash ans I am eyeing it off for a pair of bright lounge pants (ie nice tracky daks)

  2. Kirsten, I love, love, love both tops! I have both that Stenzo knit and the Flap Happy one. 🙂 Great inspiration for using them.

    I meant to comment over on CM, but I find the fit of Antonella on me to be bad. It is the exact problem that you are having and you know I am heaps bigger than you! I think it’s the way the armscye is drafted. I find that Otto shirts tend to fit me better there and it’s a big deal because that is what people see iykwim. People aren’t staring at your waist. They are looking at your face (or should be!!! LOL). The sleeve isn’t too far from your face.

    I’ve just decided to hack Otto patterns to do some of the things that I like about Antonella. I figure that I could put the Antonella over another shirt to get the keyhole if I want it. I’ve already just taken an Otto shirt pattern and chopped the sleeves into three pieces, so it’s like a mixy matchy Antonella top.

    Last time I made an Antonella I even added in some gathers in the side seam under the arm for extra fabric around the bust, but the shirt still didn’t fit as nicely which is why I think it’s all about the shape of armscye. I guess I should pull out both patterns to confirm my hypothesis.

    sorry for the essay!

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