Posted by: picanini | June 16, 2010

Holdens vs BMWs

Well, actually, I’ve never driven a BMW. BUT I’m sure driving a BMW must be a world away from driving a Holden – and this is what I was trying to convey to my hubby when endlessly praising the virtues of my new needles – some Addi’s I bought on a weekend visit to Tangled Yarns

They were quickly slipped onto the project I’m STILL working on (almost finished though!).

As you can see, I came away with a few other things as well. But I think, given that I have been waiting over a year to get here I was extremely restrained (it helped that the kids were at the park with their dad and it was getting late and I didn’t want to push my luck with them or him).

I’ve heard how wonderful Addi and Knitpro needles are, but for some silly reason could never quite buy some…I think I was a bit overwhelmed. And then I saw the wonderful kits they both sell and found it even more  so. BUT, I’ve bought some addis and am in love – I guess now I need to try a Knitpro needle to see what I think before I decide which kit to get.


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