Posted by: picanini | June 30, 2010

My creative space…

has some new knitting – finally!

I’m planning on the little owl cable for this one for the bub.

I’m using my new knitpick cable needles – I bought a “set” just to try. I found they got snagged initially on the joins, but realised the snagging was actually a blessing in disguise as it lets me know the join is coming loose (guess how I now know that!).

And for those of you who have suffered through my Oriental Dress knitting, here it is at last.

I realised the Obi was wrong when I was several rows down back into the variagated yarn. Having already unpicked the obi trying different yarns as I was unhappy with how it looked (the 8ply too small, the 10ply too big…then changing needle sizes) in comparison to the rest of the dress, I forgot to knit/purl instead of just knit each row when I was finally satsified with the result. And as it didn’t look terrible, I left it wrong!  Does that make sense?

For more creative spaces, go see visit Kirsty’s.



  1. I wish I could knit. 😦 It looks like so much fun, and so relaxing.

  2. Love the new dress. I’m just learning so I think you’ve done an amazing job! x

  3. It looks lovely. And hopefully the little one might change her mind and wear it…

  4. I like it. I like your unique design addition too.

  5. The dress looks great – no one would know you had problems with it (unless you put it on your blog! ha ha) I love the guitar applique from last week’s space too.

  6. What a great job you done on the oriental lily. Don’t you just love Tikki’s designs. I have just started the milo too, what a great pattern and so popular too. What are the knitpicks like I really need to upgrade?

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