Posted by: picanini | July 26, 2010

Milo is finished…

Hooray! I wanted to get this Milo vest finished so it could get some wear before the warm Sunshine Coast weather is back. Soccer at Maleny ( about 40 minutes drive one way, plus about 30 minutes of actual playing time that I wasn’t doing stuff with kids) on Saturday, a childless drive to Brissie and back on Sunday saw it finished.

Action shots (unposed!)

I didn’t follow Tikki’s instructions for the casting off under the arms, or at the end – only cause at the time I was up to them, it wasn’t convenient to try and learn something new (I was casting off the bottom thismorning after checking the fit, while helping Gannon finish his family tree for a school project; and casting off under the arms while we were driving somewhere…I couldn’t understand the “how to” from the photos alone. I probably need to look at youtube). If I don’t knit when I get a chance I’ve realised that things never get finished. There’s almost always something I NEED to do when I have quiet time at night!

Finn was very eager to get it on, and was pointing out the owls to anyone who would look thismorning when we went out.



  1. That’s one nice vest you did there. Lovely. When I see this kind of beautiful handmade items, I am a bit jealous my mother didn’t have the handmade bug in her. Hope I can compensate 🙂

  2. Great job..And even better that he loves wearing it…:)

  3. Great work – it looks great.

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