Posted by: picanini | August 19, 2010

My creative space…

has been much more outside for the last week. Hubby and I spent the “left over” bits of the weekend building a no-dig vegie garden. This week I’ve been planting and watering.

A long time ago (3 lifetimes, infact!), I used to be a great gardener. I’m not sure if it was adding the 3 other little souls to the family, rediscovering my crafting passion, or moving to the Sunshine State that lead to my brown thumb in the last 8 years – but I’m determined to rediscover my love of gardening and make it a success again. Hopefully our grocery bill will spurr me on!

The actual frame was all made by my clever husband – from bits and pieces picked up and stored away over the years.

For your weekly creative dose, go over and see Kirsty.


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