Posted by: picanini | August 25, 2010

My creative space…

is full of hankies, tissues, pj’s, cuddles and medicine. The whole family is under the weather and has we’ve been commiserating together at home. There’s a little knitting going on – I’ve just started Tikki’s Olearia. It’s been ages since I’ve used sticks instead of circulars. I’m looking forward to changing back to my 4mm addi circulars in a few more rows. The sticks are really long and awkward!

To see some real creative spaces, go see Kirsty.



  1. Hope you all feel better soon x
    I love the Olearia pattern I’m yet to try it out though, just admire it 🙂

  2. Hope that you are all on the mend – Love the Olearia pattern – have her new pattern on the needles at the moment as a test:)

    I am thinking of getting rid of all of my staights – I do not use them anymore – much prefer the circluars even when it calls for straights.

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