Posted by: picanini | August 30, 2010

Hunting season is drawing near…

The bi-annual cloth nappy hunt season, that is! Despite the hacking coughs and all the other joys in the house, I have managed to accomplish a little over the last couple of days.  I’m not nearly as organised or as well stocked as I’d hoped. But, I’ve cut out some new pads

I’ve been working on some clothing. This was supposed to be done for book week – but with the family all ill for the last couple of weeks (and at home, under my feet!) I haven’t had a chance apart from at night, and I’m just too wrecked at present to work at night.

And I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into some of these. This fabric was inspired by the first poem I ever learnt…

If you’re not aware of what the nappy hunt is, it’s a virtual scavenger hunt over many, many websites (there’s 150 with icons, and more without them). You need to find and collect the icons hiden on these websites and there are various prizes at the end. Alot of the sponsors (including myself) have special offers and discounts for hunters. If you’re intersted, go and have a look here.

Oh, and I’ve finally decided to get with the times and have made a facebook page for Picanini. Ooh, how exciting – when finding the link I see somebody likes me already!



  1. I went and looked at the prizes and noticed something with your tag on it. Good on you!

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