Posted by: picanini | September 6, 2010

Reusable love…

It’s funny, but I had a startling realisation this morning after reading this blog that I really don’t talk here about my passion for reusable products.  But this space is more focused on my sewing, so I guess that’s to be expected too. I am, however, a passionate advocate for cloth and other reusable products – and do my best to practise what I preach. I run an information stall every year for reusable nappy week, and talk about cloth nappies and pads at any opportune moments. I guess I figure that lots of people that read my blog already know this stuff. 

I’ve volunteered to host a chat for the cloth nappy hunt this Friday, and now I have to decide what topic to cover. I was told that something that was relevant to my business is what’s usually the go. Hmmmm. Well, I sell pads, I sell products that you can make pads and nappies from as well as a small amount of cloth nappy friendly clothing. Should I talk about fabric types and what to use when making pads and nappies? I’m wondering if many people would be interested in a discussion about that or is it too basic? I was contemplating the idea of cloth nappying on a budget – covering things like using flats, making your own. These topics aren’t listed on the chat threads yet.

Any suggestions are welcomely recieved.



  1. Hi Kirsten, thanks for finding time to visit my blog, you must be really busy with the Hunt.

    I had a look through your blog and you seem passionate about everything creative, so I think that is what you should talk about. Fabrics and making nappies and pads is not too basic, even experienced people can always discover something new and maybe, they can throw in a few ideas, too.

    I would be interested if you told me a bit about making pads. I’ve been contemplating a switch to cloth pads for a while, but they just seem so expensive to buy and very easy to make. I’ve been planning to buy a few during the Hunt just to get an idea about them and then make my own.

    What time is your chat? I can’t promise I’ll make it, but I’ll do my best.

    • Ah, just remembered I have to go to a wedding on Fri, so I definitely won’t make it. Still, if I find the topic interesting, maybe others will, too. I’ll look through the transcript after the chat. Have fun with it!

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