Posted by: picanini | September 16, 2010

Report card

So how much did I get done yesterday?

It was a big fat no on the bias tape –  I can’t find the tape maker. ARGHHHH! I did however, find some leftover tape to work on this kyoko that’s been on the backburner for a while.

It just needs the gathering threads removed, bias trim on the bottom and a little bit of topstiching. Oh, and the oobi. I’m living in hope that I may get a chance today sometime to do that.

I sewed up the Antonia. Ruby loves it! This is very similar to an Antonella I made for myself a while back – Ruby chose the fabrics. She wanted it exactly the same as mine, but I thought the large rose print a bit too much on her. This is the same print in miniture.

And finally, I got a pair of size 1 Bermuda shorts cut out and partially sewn for the shop.

It’s a lovely linen/cotton blend. I’ve found in the past with Finn’s pants made of similar fabrics, that they fray alot. So these have been overlocked and then made with french seams. Takes a bit more time and fabric, but I want them to last.

This fabric is the lovely Far, far away 2 from Heather Ross. I LOVE the owl and the pussycat poem – I remember reciting it as a class for some school function when I was about Gannon’s age (8). I have a heap of this line – different colourways and prints. I can’t wait to use it!



  1. Oh, lovely things. I adore the Kyoko pattern. Just wish my daughter did too lol.

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