Posted by: picanini | September 23, 2010

Working on…

several projects as per usual. Only one child home today for the school holidays – and he’s happy enough to spend quiet time reading after a whole day with a friend yesterday. I’ll snap some some pads – I made these (and some extras) specifically for a swap with a lovely musical lady…

Finish some summer dresses

And hopefully work through some more on my to do list.

Kirsty’s taking a break from Creative spaces, so you won’t find much to look at there today (though, you could catch up on the many spaces you couldn’t get to in the past weeks!).

And to showcase yesterday’s efforts –

Another Antonia for Ruby. This was cut out on Tuesday, but sewn on Wednesday when Finn was asleep and Ruby was enjoying a Barbie Ballet DVD. It has a pink cotton velour reverse applique heart. Made with the lovely Patty Miller’s Modkid cotton knit fabric (you can get it here). The crafty mamas have a sew along on Wednesdays – and normally I don’t even try to join in, as Ruby gets into mischief whenever I go downstairs and sew – that’s if I can even get Finn to go to sleep. But Barbie was a very valuable distraction on Wednesday.

And I also finished 2 pairs of leggings for Ruby as well from the same fabric range. These are short length – perfect for little girls on the go who like to wear skirts and look girly – but like to swing upside down from the monkey bars as well or swing from tree ropes. I made 2 cause I forgot to cut the second leg in a mirror image, so just decided to make another pair for my shop. I’m thinking these would probably go quite well with the kyoko top a couple of posts below too.



  1. Love that Antonia! The colours are so pretty and the reverse applique is just perfect for the top!

  2. Lovely Antonia, the colours are gorgeous.

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