Posted by: picanini | September 26, 2010

Summer wardrobe sewing

I finished a couple of other things last week. I made another Antonia, but I think it is destined for the shop as it’s not to Ruby’s taste for some reason. It initially looked like this

But after a screwed up nose at the ties (I admit, the binding was a bit too wide, so perhaps that was part of the reason) I slowly and painfully unpicked it, cut the binding smaller and redid the neckline.

It is still not to the little Miss’s tastes, so away it must go. It is made of some lovely Stenzo cotton/lycra for the body, with a Hilco Campan cotton/lycra binding and ta dot from Michel Miller fabrics cotton knit for the sleeves.

And I finished this Lore top on a Friday craft night with another lady.

This got the kind of reaction you desire from the recipient. We obviously have similar taste – this is one of my favourite ever fabrics. I have a little more of it coming, plus some matching woven fabric to make some accents on the shorts that are supposed to go with this top.

“Oh mummy that’s beautiful – can I wear it” was the response before I even said anything.

It went straight on.

I’ll probably take some length off on the shoulder straps for her as it often falls below her nipples – not a good look!



  1. Kirsten, the lore totally gorgeous!
    Did you know that the straps are designed to be done as a woven. You can use knit, but I think if you use a super stretchy one then you need to do what you’ve said and shorten the straps. Otherwise it needs to be a stable knit.

    The Antonia is super cute too. It’s a shame Ruby doesn’t like it.

  2. Sigh. I really need to get to my Lore pattern. I love seeing it made up. Well done on taking the time to improve the Antonia. Looks great.

  3. Both tops are gorgeous ! That fabric you’ve used for the Lore is super cute too!

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