Posted by: picanini | September 29, 2010

My creative space…

has the usual pads in progress. Gotta find a way to pay the fabric bills some how.

Some shorts for some little people.

And this morning I recived a parcel from crafty mamas with my matching woven fabric to make some Lore shorts. No, I won’t make the pants entirely from this – just pockets perhaps…we’ll see.

You’ll find the singlet top in a post a little below this one.

There’s also a bit of baking going on today. Our favourite berry muffins – from the SMH good weekend magazine (I still haven’t got rid of my leftie leaning Sydney broadsheet despite being a QLD’er now for the last 9 years. Is there seriously an alternative up here?!).

And Finn’s found a little creative space of his own.

And Kirsty’s back, so make sure you pop by and have a squizz at what other people are up to.



  1. those muffins look yummy!! They wouldn’t last long in our house

  2. I love Finn’s creative space…..that’s so funny!

  3. I need to get onto making shorts too. You’ve got some great fabrics there to choose from.
    Looks like a nice quiet spot there Finn!

  4. Oh that pic of Finn made me laugh out loud. Goodness he’s getting bigger now! Love the muffins!

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