Posted by: picanini | October 5, 2010


My first. Well, not including a few yoga mat bags. Or wet bags.

Made from Jody’s tutorial – the one hour bag. I’ve had this fabric stashed away as one of my favourites for quite a long time, and I figured a bag that I use each day is a great way to enjoy it – I desperately need to replace my old faithful handbag. But I’m not sure if this will be the bag to replace my tattered old one – it doesn’t sit so well by itself. I guess you need to have a seperate base for that to work. But I’m not a bag collector, and I really don’t want to make another bag…so I’ll give it a few days or maybe a week before I make a final decision on it. I’m not the kind of gal who changes her bag to match her outfit. I just need something that stops me from losing my keys, my mobile phone and purse and my puffer. It needs to hold a few envirosax shopping bags, about 5 old shopping lists, some receipts for medicare and MBF and some cough lollies ATM. Oh, and a pen. Oh and probably a few tissues and a hanky.

I still need to add the fabric covered button on the ends of the straps.

But I am in love with this fabric!

The bag was really easy to make.



  1. Looks great, but you are right, it probably won’t go with every outfit. What fabric did you use? Oh, and the link to the tutorial doesn’t work… I’d be interested to know more. Thanks

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